English Language and Literature

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Background Information

Dictionaries and encyclopedias can help you get a basic understanding of literary terms and theories. Literature companions and guides can provide you with a general overview of literary movements, historical contexts, and authors' biographies. You can use these select library resources to begin your research, and to get more ideas or information on your topic.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • Oxford English Dictionary ONLINE
  • The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory: PN 41 C832 1999
  • Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada: REF PS 8015 E53 2002

Companions and Guides

  • The Atlas of Literature: REF PN 164 A85 2001
  • The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English: REF PR 85 C29 1993
  • The Heath Introduction to Drama: PN 6014 H36 1992
  • The Norton Introduction to Poetry: PN 6101 N6 2007
  • The Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature: REF PS 8015 O93 1997
  • The Oxford Companion to English Literature: REF PR 19 O94 2000
  • The Oxford Guide to Literary Britain and Ireland ONLINE
  • Shakespeare A to Z: REF PR 2892 B69 1990

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E-Book Collections

E-books are available from Selkirk College Library. For more e-literature, browse these collections to read books online, or to download free books to your computer or e-reader.

Web Sites

There is a wealth of valuable material on English Language and Literature available online. These select web sites contain links to author pages, image galleries, university and museum collections and more.

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Article Databases

Search article databases to find journal & magazine articles, literary criticism, book reviews, newspaper articles and more. Recommended databases include:

A complete list of databases can be accessed from our homepage:  FIND > Research Databases


These are just a few of the English Language and English Literature journals that you can access through Selkirk College Library. If you are interested in a specific genre, time period, or author there may be a journal here for you. Click on the links to find out where you can access these journals.

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Reading and Writing Guides

Reading and writing guides are available in the library for you to use during every stage of the research and writing process. Take a look if you want to improve your critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.

  • How to Read a Poem (And Fall in Love with Poetry): PN 1042 H48 1999
  • Literature and the Writing Process (Canadian Edition): PE 1417 L58 2005
  • Mind the Gaffe: The Penguin Guide to Common Errors in English: PE 1464 T73 2001
  • The Prentice-Hall Guide for Student Writers (Canadian Edition): PE 1408 R44 2002
  • Writing about Literature: PE 1479 C7 R63 2006
  • Writing Essays about Literature: A Guide and Style Sheet: PN 83 G72 2006

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