Forest Technology

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Background Information

These select sources are intended to give the reader a general overview of aspects of Forest Technology. Please check the Library catalogue or browse the shelves for more print resources specific to your topic.

You may also want to see some of the other Selkirk College Library Environment and Geomatics subject guides for more information.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Directories

General Works

Plant Identification



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Books and E-Resources

The Selkirk College Library has many books, e-books, and streaming videos on the subject of Forest Technology. When searching the library catalogue, it may be useful to start with search terms such as:

  • Biodiversity
  • Boreal forest
  • First Nations and forestry
  • Forests
  • Forest conservation
  • Forest fires
  • Forest hydrology
  • Forest insects
  • Forest management
  • Forest soils
  • Silviculture
  • Trees
  • Trees and diseases
  • Wildlife and forests

When browsing the library shelves, remember that the Forest Technology-related materials will be in a variety of locations. You may want to browse these sections for books on forest soils, forest ecology, hydrology, wildlife and more.

  • G 70 - G 70.215: Geographical Information Systems / Mapping
  • GB 651 - GB 2798: Hydrology / Forest hydrology / Watersheds
  • QH 540 - QH 549.5: Ecology / Forest ecology / Forest fires / Fire ecology
  • QK 1 - QK 989: Botany / Plant physiology / Plant and tree identification
  • S 590 - S 599.9: Soil science / Soil-plant relationships / Forest soils
  • S 900 - S 972: Natural resources / Land conservation
  • SB 599 - SB 990.5: Plant and tree diseases and pests / Forest protection
  • SD 1 - SD 669.5: Forestry / Conservation / Silviculture / Forest and wood industries
  • TA 501 - TA 625: Surveying

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Article Databases

Search article databases to find journal & magazine articles.  Recommended databases for Forest Technology include:

More databases can be found at:  Research databases > Environment  |  Sciences

A complete list of databases can be accessed from our homepage:  FIND > Research Databases

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These are just a few of the many Forest Technology-related journals that you can access online or through Selkirk College Library. Click on the links to find out where you can access these journals.

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There are many resources available online to aid you in your learning and research. You can also find links below to government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Forestry Associations

Government Sites

Conservation and Forest Protection Organizations

Forest Industry Sites

Research Organizations

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Research and Writing Guides

Research and writing guides are available in the library for you to use during every stage of the research and writing process. Take a look if you want to improve your research, reading, and writing skills.



    Making Sense in Geography and Environmental Sciences: A Student's Guide to Research and Writing G 74 N67 2001
  • Pocket Guide to Technical Writing T 11 P437 2004
  • Technical Communication: A Practical Approach T 11 P44 2007
  • Writing in the Sciences (Colorado State University) ONLINE
  • Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences QH 304 M36 2006

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