Library of Congress Classification

Books and other Library materials are arranged on the shelves according to the Library of Congress Classification system.

A.General Works
AE Encyclopedias
B.Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
B-BD Philosophy
BF Psychology
BL-BX Religions. Mythology
C.Auxiliary Sciences of History
CB History of Civilization
CC Archaeology
D.History: World. Europe. Asia. Africa
DA-DR Europe (by Country)
DS Asia. Middle East
DT Africa
DU Australia. New Zealand
E.History: United States of America
E 51-99 Indians of North America (including Canada)
F.History: Latin America. Canada
F 1201-2191 Mexico. Central America. Caribbean
F 2201-3799 South America
FC Canada
FC 3801-3850 British Columbia
FC 3847 Vancouver
G.Geography. Anthropology. Recreation & Sports
G Geography (General)
GB Physical Geography
GE Environmental Sciences
GF Human Ecology. Cultural Geography
GN Anthropology
GR Folklore
GT Manners & Customs. Costume
GV Recreation & Sports
H.Social Sciences
HA Statistics
HB-HC Economics
HD Management. Small Business. Industries
HF Marketing. Accounting. Careers
HG Banking. Finance
HM Sociology
HN Social History
HQ Family. Women
HV Criminology. Social Work. Substance Abuse
HX Socialism. Communism
J.Political Science
JC Political Theory
JL Canadian Politics
JX-JZ International Relations
KE Canada - Law
KEB British Columbia - Law
LB Education Theory & Practice
LB 1139 Early Childhood Education
LC Special Education
N.Fine Arts
NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing. Graphic Arts
ND Painting
P.Language and Literature
PE English Language. ESL
PG Russian Literature
PQ French Literature
PR English (British) Literature
PS American Literature
PS 8000 Canadian Literature
PZ Fiction. Children's Literature
  QA Mathematics. Computers
  QB Astronomy
  QC Physics
  QD Chemistry
  QE Geology
  QH Biology. Ecology. Bioethics
  QK Botany
  QL Zoology
  QP Physiology
  QS-QZ Anatomy. Microbilogy.
S.Agriculture. Forestry. Fisheries
  S Agriculture. Soil Science
  SB Plants. Gardening
  SD Forestry
  SH Fisheries. Aquaculture
  SK Wildlife Management
  TA Engineering (General & Civil)
  TK Electronics. Computer Engineering
  TR Photography
  TX Food. Nutrition
U.Military Science. Arms. Disarmament
V.Naval Science
WS Pediatrics
WT Geriatrics
WY Nursing
Z. Library Science  
Z Books, Publishing, Libraries
ZA Information Resources